Rideshare Safety Tips All Riders & Drivers Should Know

Rideshares provide a wonderfully convenient service for folks who don’t own cars, or do but choose not to drive. They can also be a handy source of income for great drivers who are also adept at getting others whenever they need to go.

However, whether you are a rideshare driver or you use one now and then, it’s vital to take safety precautions. Both drivers and riders are strangers, so they should do everything they can to ensure they are protecting themselves from any unfortunate occurrences.

What Safety Precautions Can Rideshare Drivers Take?

There are numerous precautions drivers of rideshares like Uber and Lyft can take to boost their safety when behind the wheel. At the top of the list:

1. Keep Doors Locked – Especially at Night

Locking your doors is one of the best ways to ensure the wrong person doesn’t enter your vehicle at any time of day. If you’re out at 2 in the morning, then you want to be particularly mindful of this small but helpful safety measure.

2. Confirm Your Passenger’s Identity

It is all too easy for someone to inadvertently hop into the wrong vehicle. To keep this from happening, drivers can simply lower their window halfway and ask for their name.

3. Stick to the Rules

Rideshare rules exist for a reason. Stick to such protocol as the maximum number of passengers you may allow at a time. Doing so enables each person to use a seatbelt. It will also help you drive more safely and avoid unnecessary confrontations with undesirable passengers.

4. Dismiss Unsafe Passengers

Even though you’ve agreed to a pick up, you don’t need to pick up someone visibly intoxicated or unsavory in other ways. You’re allowed to protect the inside of your vehicle along with your personal wellbeing.

What Safety Precautions Can Rideshare Passengers Take?

Similarly, it is of the utmost importance that rideshare passengers take their personal safety as seriously as possible. Here are a few rules of thumb to make that happen:

1. Confirm Your Driver’s Identity and Car Model

First and foremost, do not ever enter a vehicle that you haven’t confirmed is the one intended for you. Fortunately, rideshare apps make it easy to do so by providing the name and car model of the driver.

2. Use the Seatbelt

Just because you’re not in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean seatbelts don’t apply. Using one could save your life.

3. Carry Charged Cell Phone & Credit Card or Cash

Be sure you’re prepared to pay and make a call if necessary.

4. End the Ride if Necessary

Trust your gut! If something seems off, feel free to end the ride and request one with a new driver. You may also want to report any suspicious behavior to the company.

5. Consider Rideshare That Conducts Background Checks

Some newer options are popping up to help passengers feel more comfortable. This might involve selecting the gender of the driver or a company that conducts background checks. Do a bit of research to find the brand most suited to your needs.

CFSC Auto Services Help You Manage Important Car Tasks & Drive Legally

There may be moments when you need to create your own rules in a scenario involving a rideshare. For instance, some drivers may only feel comfortable driving a certain distance to pick up a passenger. The same type of idea applies to people searching for a lift.

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